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Environment Monitoring System

Environment Monitoring System for Data Center


Sitemate II is specially developed and researched for small data center, it is based on IP network technology, supports UPS monitoring and environment system detection(temperature, humidity, smoke, leakage, motion, door contact, gas, etc) in one host. SitemateII provides fast interface visiting and user settings via web browser, once an abnormal alarm happens, it will rapidly give alarm notifications with email, SMS, sound light, etc, for a real sense to guarantee 7*24 hours unattended data center.

Product function

Support advantage encryption protocol such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMPV1\V2c\V3;

Support telnet, supper terminal, WEB page configuration;

Compatible with multi-brand and multi-type of UPS;

Support to add on 20 pieces of Temp&Humid sensors via RS422/RS485 ports;

With 16 digital input terminals, support to add on dry contact type detectors;

With 5 digital output terminals, support to add on relay output control;

Support 8 analog input signal detect;

Support SNMP trap,E-mail alarm notification;

Support IPV4/IPV6;

Built-in optional GSM Modem, support SMS query or alarm notification;

Support scheduled task(regular self-testing, switch on/off);

Support history events and data record storage;

Comprehensive event handle( including event record and notification);

Comprehensive managing function( data logs, SNTP and task schedule);

Available to work with centralized software.





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