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Micro DCIM

Data Center Infrastructure Management



Micro DCIM is a comprehensive monitoring, alarm and management system for equipment status, environmental condition and power & space usage in telecom room and small data centre.

As a convenient visible and reliable tool, it helps IT-room maintenance team to see infrastructure condition and get alarm in time.



• Built-in WEB server to achieve HTTP access

• B/S structure, Graph dashboard with multi function

• Support various equipment connect & monitoring

• Powerful remote alarm function (SMS, E-mail)

• Comprehensive environment monitoring

• Utility energy analysis and report function

• History events and data storage

• Multiple users authority management

• Standard connection terminal (RJ45,RJ11,DB9)

• Support on-line upgrade

• Build-in backup battery for 6 hours off-power

What we can monitoring

• UPS and Battery Bank (By UPS card & PBAT)

• Precision Air Condition (By PAC smart card)

• Power Distribution Panel (By Power meter)

• Intelligent PDU/RPP (By BCPM meter)

• Generator Monitoring (By Genset controller)

• Environment Monitor by Sensors:

 - Temperature & Humility,

 - Water Leakage ( Located or Unlocated)

 - Smoke, Door Status, Infrared Sensor

• Linkable to Network Access Control System

• Linkable to CCTV System


Function and Connection


Interface and Dashboard

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