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Water Leak Detector

ELSA Water Leak Detector

Early Leak System Apparatus (ELSA) is an engineering company focused in designing products in relation to early warning liquid leakage detection. Formed by a dedicated technical team, with an accumulated engineering experience of more than 30 years. This dynamic, flexible, robust, and innovative team is ever ready to adopt new technology well and take ELSA to the next level and beyond.

3L-SP/DP is an advance supervising panel of early warning leak location system. it‘s can connect upto 99 leak location panel. 
3L-AP is a simple and easy to install complete monitoring system to detect early liquid leakage. Once leak is detected, it responses within a few seconds and provide liquid leakage location accurately.  
3L-DP is a Liquid Leakage Locating Detection System with common interface through Dry Contact and/or remote supervision RS485 Modbus  
3L-LS is the sensing cable used to detect water and slightly corrosive and conductive liquids
3L-AS is the sensing cable used to detect highly corrosive and conductive liquids such as 100% sulphuric acid  


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