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NPM Series


NPM (Network Power Manager) - Professional Network Power Manager System, is the latest scientific achievement of CLEVER after many years of dedicated research which is the fifth generation of CLEVER remote monitoring and management power distribution system as well. On the trend of future power distribution management technology development, combining the technology requirement of the modern data center application environment, adopting key technology with fully independent intellectual property, the latest NPM is designed in combination of network communication, power distribution and accurate measurement of energy consumption.


NPM (Network Power Manager)- Professional Network Power Manager System is widely applied to the data centers of industries like network communication, telecom, electric power, finance, insurance, aerospace, transportation, information processing, education, medical, E-government etc.


• Key technology with fully independent intellectual property

• Embedded Linux operation system

• Remote monitoring and management via network

• Graphic display of operation data

• Accurate measurement of energy consumption

• Support Wi-Fi access technology

• High power input and high density socket output

• High speed, large capacity and high security

• Strong function, high performance and advanced technology

• Safe, reliable and energy efficient







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