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Data Safes

Sistec S Data Safes

S: Perfect fire safety   S: Tested fire protection (S 120 DIS according to EN 1047-1)

The innovative combination of insulation materials offers maximum resistance in the event of a catastrophe. Fire resistant edge on all four sides of the door further protect the safe’s contents from direct exposure to flames. The compact design maximizes the interior volume and reduces the weight of the safe by 40 to 60%. Ideal for use in rooms with limited load-bearing capacity.

Without data, your computer is useless, and you, the user, are helpless. Therefore, protect yourself against the loss of data. The S data safe represents reliable protection against fire, corrosive combustion gases and the effects of extinguishing water. It provides data security and optimum access protection at an attractive price / performance ratio. Better security means lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies reward the purchase of data safes with significantly reduced rates.




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