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Liquid Cooling Unit

Rittal LCU DX – Efficient Cooling  With No Loss of Space

Refrigerant-based enclosure cooling in redundant version for TS IT (IT rack) or Micro Data Center without heating up the installation room. With two output categories 3 kW and 6.5 kW, the ideal cooling solution for smaller IT applications.


Space-saving installation of the internal unit between the 482.6 mm (19˝) level and side panel

Optimum support of IT-compatible, “front-to-back” air routing

High level of fail-safeness guaranteed by availability of single and redundant variant

Cooling of TS IT racks and Micro Data Center

Possible TS IT/LCU DX combinations

Refrigerant-based split cooling unit comprised of an internal unit (evaporator coil) and an external unit with integral compressor (inverter-controlled)

External unit is sited outside the building

Available in two power classes 3 kW and 6,5 kW

Maximum energy efficiency by cooling the individual rack, rather than the whole room

Efficient operation thanks to EC fan technology

Optimum adaptation of the compressor output to the current heat load of the IT rack with inverter control

Ultimate security with optional alarm forwarding via CMC III

High availability designed for continuous, 24/7 operation

Absorbed thermal energy is emitted via the external unit directly to the ambient air

The internal and external unit are connected with refrigerant, data and supply lines

Control of the server inlet temperature



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