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Huawei UPS5000-A Series

Huawei UPS5000-A Series (30 kVA to 800 kVA) Uninterruptable Power Supply

The UPS5000-A is an online, double-conversion Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) that features high reliability, high efficiency, and high power density. The all-digital control technology provides excellent output in harsh work environments, which supplies uninterruptable power to large- and medium-size data centers.

AC power is rated at 380V/400V/415V AC for medium and large data centers, scheduling centers, control centers, and management centers.

Go with Huawei, your source for world-class, reliable, efficient power supplies.

Benefit from the UPS5000-A’s superior stability, reliability, and efficiency

Reliable: Safely and reliably adapts to a wide variety of loads, power grids, and environments

Efficient: Up to 96% efficient and energy costs 50% less compared to traditional tower UPS units

Simple: The UPS5000 supports intelligent network management by monitoring information in real time


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