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RiMatrix S

RiMatrix S opens up brand new perspectives for the IT world, and is the revolutionary alternative to individual data centre construction.


Delivery and commissioning
All data centre modules are pre-manufactured, available ex works, and designed for rapid configuration of a customised solution:

  • Short delivery times
  • Very fast commissioning
  • Complete documentation of the data centre module at the time of handover
  • Simplified final certification of the ready-to-use data centre at the customer’s premises


RiMatrix S provides peace of mind, thanks to:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Tested, quality-verified components
  • Defined, monitored production processes
  • Documented system test of the entire data centre module

For you as the user, this translates into:

  • Low investment costs
  • PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) up to 1.15
  • Tested characteristic curves and data sheets


The RiMatrix S modules are disengaged from the physical cover and defined infrastructure interfaces, which makes them extremely flexible.
For you as the user, this translates into:

  • Simple integration into new or existing rooms with hot or cold aisle containment
  • Installation in system-tested security rooms ...
  • ... or as a flexible container solution
  • Standardised modules for simplified worldwide delivery
  • Commissioning by our 1,000 international service engineers




RiMatrix S is perfectly tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who benefit from short delivery times and a system that is easily adapted to their own infrastructure.


  • Space-saving climate control in the raised floor
  • n+1 redundancy in climate control
  • Simple air routing with high energy efficiency
  • TS IT racks with 482.6 mm (19˝) frame, including compartmentalisation for consistent separation of hot and cold zones
  • TS IT accessories may be installed without the need for tools
  • Rack depth 1,200 mm, installation height 42 U


  • ZUCS (Zero U-Space Cooling Systems) are provided for climate control, so that no installation space for servers is lopcs.
  • The heat exchangers are located beneath the racks.
  • The heat exchanger connection is easily accessible via the raised floor behind the racks.
  • The n+1 redundancy allows a high level of availability, i.e. even if one ZUCS should fail, the required cooling output is still provided.
  • EC fans ensure a low energy consumption, and the system is dimensioned to enable operation in energy-saving part-load mode.
  • The fans are arranged in front of the server racks in the raised floor, in a maintenancefriendly configuration.
  • Intelligent air routing guarantees optimum operation.


  • A modular UPS system is used for power back-up of the rack.
  • The complete n+1 redundancy with consistent parallel architecture ensures a high degree of availability.
  • The battery supports reliable shutdown of the servers or activation of a generator.
  • The maximum load is 60 kW for the Single 6 module and 90 kW for the Single 9 module.
  • All components may be monitored via the CMC III monitoring system and incorporated into the RiZone DCIM solution.


  • Monitoring of all relevant parameters with the CMC monitoring system such as temperature, humidity, leakage etc.
  • Connection of security products, such as RAS systems
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of operating states using the DCIM RiZone software
  • Display of efficiency and consumption values of the active systems
  • Intelligent workflows in the alarm management for optimisation and protection.

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